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Our Book Marketing Services

At The Best Ghostwriting, we’ve got you covered with a range of marketing services tailored for your book. Check out the six types of marketing services we offer below:

Book Cover

An enticing and engaging book cover to grasp readers’ attentions and get your book noticed!

Book Conversion

Now offering to convert your eBook into ANY format and also HTML!

Book Integration

We’re going to do justice to your book by ensuring it’s integrated into the marketplace.

Book Price

We’re going to recommend a suggested price for your book to maximize sales and profits.

Free Setup

We’ll set up accounts for free for clients who are new to Amazon and other online book platform.

Book Publishing

We’ll publish your book on all digital platforms and even print them if you want.

Effective Book Marketing Services For Royalties & Recognition

We’re committed to ensuring our clients receive excellent value for their investment. With our premium packages including book marketing services, we guarantee to support you in promoting and distributing your book long after it’s published. Our marketing team stays ahead of the curve, crafting strategies aligned with current market trends. Plus, we’ll continuously monitor and refine our marketing approach to ensure optimal effectiveness. Here’s what our marketing services entail:
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